A High-Performance Kinetic Gas Molecule Optimization (KGMO) Based ADPLL for Induction Motors Control Applications

Nowadays control applications play a major role in different applications such as industrial automation, robotics, automobiles, power systems etc. The all-digital phase-locked loop (ADPLL) is a digital controller can be used commonly for all kind of control applications based on the application requirement. In the work, KGMO based ADPLL is proposed to perform the rotation control of an induction motor (KGMO-ADPLL-IMSC) under various load conditions by the varying current. The proposed ADPLL is
more » ... ested in an induction motor (IM) to control the rotation of the motor under certain load conditions. Various parameters such as speed, torque, phase, amplitude and offset values are considered to generate the control signal. Root mean square error (RMSE) is considered as the objective function for the KGMO algorithm. Least error is considered for the best fitness function for the better performance. In this work, the current control technique is used to perform the rotation control of the induction motor. Various performance such as torque, speed and stability are measured under various load conditions. KGMO-ADPLL-IMSC design is implemented in an integrated MATLAB/SIMULINK environment under various inbuild and custom libraries. Experiments show that the KGMO-ADPLL-IMSC strategy is altogether improved the performance in terms of all performance evaluation graphs
doi:10.35940/ijitee.d1628.039520 fatcat:eitdm6eiv5aovdljys5xpe45g4