Digital Twins for High-Tech Machining Applications—A Model-Based Analytics-Ready Approach

Albrecht Hänel, André Seidel, Uwe Frieß, Uwe Teicher, Hajo Wiemer, Dongqian Wang, Eric Wenkler, Lars Penter, Arvid Hellmich, Steffen Ihlenfeldt
2021 Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing  
This paper presents a brief introduction to competition-driven digital transformation in the machining sector. On this basis, the creation of a digital twin for machining processes is approached firstly using a basic digital twin structure. The latter is sub-grouped into information and data models, specific calculation and process models, all seen from an application-oriented perspective. Moreover, digital shadow and digital twin are embedded in this framework, being discussed in the context
more » ... a state-of-the-art literature review. The main part of this paper addresses models for machine and path inaccuracies, material removal and tool engagement, cutting force, process stability, thermal behavior, workpiece and surface properties. Furthermore, these models are superimposed towards an integral digital twin. In addition, the overall context is expanded towards an integral software architecture of a digital twin providing information system. The information system, in turn, ties in with existing forward-oriented planning from operational practice, leading to a significant expansion of the initially presented basic structure for a digital twin. Consequently, a time-stratified data layer platform is introduced to prepare for the resulting shadow-twin transformation loop. Finally, subtasks are defined to assure functional interfaces, model integrability and feedback measures.
doi:10.3390/jmmp5030080 fatcat:wxlrscxt6vedtaa2xsyjrbfbfq