Interesy geostrategiczne i geopolityka współczesnej

Ołeksandr Łozwyckyj
1970 Politeja  
Geostrategic interests and geopolitics of modern Ukraine in the Big Black Sea region The paper theoretically grounds current trends and patterns of international relations. It examines the concept, content and factors of national interests in foreign policy of the modern state. The author makes use of empirical and historical experience of safeguarding national interest and its role in the implementation of foreign policy. This scientific problem is solved in an integrated analysis of recent
more » ... earch and publications on the characteristics of the vital mechanisms of development and conditions for their implementation, including the uncertainties and contradictions of globalization.
doi:10.12797/politeja.12.2015.34_1.12 fatcat:bii32imrbjb7hjvm4iv5a7usse