Dynamical simulation of quantum-well structures

M. Wiedenhaus, A. Ahland, D. Schulz, E. Voges
2001 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  
For the design and development of optical semiconductor devices based on quantum-well structures, the investigation of saturation phenomena is necessary for high optical power operation. By applying stationary physical models, nonlinear effects cannot be described adequately; hence, transient models are important for an accurate analysis. By utilizing transient models, saturation phenomena, signal delays, and distortions can be investigated. For the analysis of integrated optoelectronic
more » ... such as lasers and modulators, transient transport or density matrix equations for carriers and photons and the Poisson equation have to be solved self-consistently. A transient model which is useful for the investigation of a wide range of optoelectronic applications is presented. Quantum optical phenomena are included by applying the interband density matrix formalism in real-space representation, where the Coulomb singularity is treated exactly in the limits of the discretization. As we focus on electroabsorption modulators, a drift-diffusion model adequately approximates the transport properties. Here, quantum effects are considered by a quantum correction, the Bohm potential. The model is applied to investigate transport effects in InPbased waveguide electroabsorption modulators including strained lattices.
doi:10.1109/3.918582 fatcat:jdvsvvv4vjaifctd6gv5hg3mdy