Comparison of E and 1/E TDDB models for SiO/sub 2/ under long-term/low-field test conditions

J. McPherson, V. Reddy, K. Banerjee, Huy Le
International Electron Devices Meeting 1998. Technical Digest (Cat. No.98CH36217)  
A low-field three-year TDDB study was undertaken to clearly understand which TDDB model, E or l/E, describes the observed time-tofailure data better. The results are unambiguous and strongly suggest that the physics of failure is described much better by the E-model. This has important design-limit implications for thin gate oxides relative to the maximum electric field which can be allowed for reliable operation.
doi:10.1109/iedm.1998.746310 fatcat:o3ewuuqnrvaq3paau47ysjgwwi