Hak al-Irtifaq (الارتفاق) Menurut Islam

Muhammad Akramin Kamarul Zaman, Abdul Hadi Borham, Mohd Abdul Nasir Abd Latif
2018 Sains Humanika  
This paper discusses the concept of the rights of al-irtifaq (حق الارتفاق) which has been discussed by scholars since so long, and its related to the rights in using an immovable property by the society. In an increasingly modern and evolving community of life, there will be a community of people who are pursuing their own interests, forgetting about the importance of preserving this al-irtifaq rights (حق الارتفاق). The views of the scholars from four schools of thought are discussed in this
more » ... iscussed in this paper aiming at highlighting the importance of preserving some of the essential rights encompassed in the rights of al-irtifaq (حق الارتفاق) so that the community is reminded of the necessary and necessity of those rights. These views are based on literature studies which involve references to their books. From the outcome of the discussion on the concept of the rights of al-irtifaq (حق الارتفاق), it is found that past scholars gave emphasis since long time ago on these rights to ensure that no member in any community has adverse effects in everyday life. Therefore, there should be individuals and certain groups who fulfill the duty of reprimanding and teaching and reminding to ensure that the society always preserve these rights.
doi:10.11113/sh.v10n3-4.1540 fatcat:cjprdl5yxjbbrnb56fkwspmgii