Czy Unia Europejska powinna stać się federacją?

Marceli Hązła
The subject of the article is the analysis of the concept of federalisation of the European Union, as a worthwhile answer to many of the problems that afflict Europe. Because of economic integration which preceded political one, the European Union currently faces a number of systemic inconsistencies, which have caused it to be relatively weakened in the international scene, and which could be resolved by the adoption of a federal system. The article characterizes the EU's most important
more » ... and presents the positive impact that federalisation could bring about. A broader view of political and economic issues reveals the need to strengthen the European Community in the midst of the growing economic powers of China, Russia and the United States, in order to avoid Europe's marginalization in the international scene.
doi:10.34765/sp.0321.a04 fatcat:3pknottsybgvfm77ge72zwugvq