The Project of the Research Master's Degree Program in the Education Sphere

Alexandre Bermous, Southern Federal University, Department of Education and Pedagogical Sciences
2020 Eastern European Journal of Transnational Relations  
The focus of the project undertaken is to comprehend, what is the research magistracy in education in the twenty-first century. Since the 1990s, when the master's level of training first appeared in the Russian education system, a search was made for its place and role in the system of training highly qualified personnel for the education system. The central problem of the current stage of the master education development is a triple conjunction: understanding the relationship between research
more » ... p between research and educational activities; the reflection of the contexts, conditions and limitations of research activity in the field of education; and the creation of new research programs based on humanitarian discourses in the second half of the twentieth century. The conceptual foundations of the project were built in connection with the ideas of T. Kuhn's "scientific paradigms" and I. Lakatos's "research programs", which made it possible to establish a correspondence between different educational values and the type of research practices; the field approach of P. Bourdieu, which allows the models and resources of research activity to be structured; and structural psychoanalysis by J. Lacan, which provides a new look at research activity. As a result of the article, a generalized image of the developed master's program "Interdisciplinary Studies in Education" is formulated.
doi:10.15290/eejtr.2020.04.01.04 fatcat:yqvy4riyg5elfcpmptkt5l6lfe