Engineering Inventions

1884 Scientific American  
A revolving cylinder engine has been pa tented by Mr. John J. Blair, of Tacoma, Wash. Ter. '1'he piston remains stationary and the cylinder re volves, the steam being admi tted intu meniscus-shaped sp9ces between the inner surface of the cylinder open ing and the outer surfaceof the piston only during one q unrter of a revolution, working under expansion dur ing another quarter. An automatic electric sh ut off for water and gas pipes has been patented by Mr. Thomas P. Hughes, of Denver, Colo.
more » ... has a Epring held }ever, a connecting lever, and a drop rod intervosed between a stop cock in the pipe and the armature of a magnet havinl1 an electric thermometer in its battery circuit, so a certain fall of temperature will break the circuit and release the rod, allowing it to close the stop cock and shut off the water or gas. e •• AGRICULTU1tAL INVENTIONS, A potato digger has been patented by Mr. Lyman Norton, of Hartford, N. Y. It has a beam with a "air of curved �tandards connected at their lower ends by a plate forming a Beat for the scoop, having also a curved separating rod and a shoe with hinged flexible arms, whereby the potatoes are sepa· rated from the soil as they pass together from the rear edge. of the scoop. ••••• MISCELLANEOUS INVENTIONS, An arlist's box has been patented by Mr. George Stirrup, of Brooldyn, N. Y. This invention provides for certain improvements in the construction, arrangement, and combination of parts in boxes which artisLS Tlse for carrying color tubes, brusbes, water, etc. A hame fastener has been patented by Mr. George W. Greene, of Abington, Ind. It consists, in combiuation with a stirrup for receiving the hame strap, of a locking lever for tightening and fastening the hame; it is light and strong, easily operated, and inexpenbive.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10111884-234 fatcat:vtnnvvnamffpxfohrmziieecju