Optimal hog cell to image ratio for robust multi-sensor face recognition systems

Milos Pavlovic, Branka Stojanovic, Ranko Petrovic, Snezana Puzovic, Srdjan Stankovic
2019 Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering  
The main problem for modern visible light face recognition has been accurate identification under variable environmental conditions. Thermal infrared facial images utilization in face recognition systems can provide a solution for problems related to uncontrolled environmental conditions, especially to those caused by illumination limitations. This paper compares the results of the use of visible light and thermal infrared imagery for face recognition based on the HOG feature descriptor. In
more » ... descriptor. In particular, the paper suggests an optimal HOG cell to image size ratio in order to improve recognition accuracy and reduce computational complexity. Performance statistics are presented on facial images with different facial expressions. The obtained results support the conclusion that recognition with thermal infrared images is more robust and that fusion of sensors should be included for improving recognition accuracy.
doi:10.2298/sjee1903387p fatcat:hmvgwwswpzcpjgqmapbgyizw2m