SVM Parameter Optimization Based on Immune Memory Clone Strategy and Application in Bus Passenger Flow Counting

Fang Zhu, Jun Fang Wei
2012 Advanced Engineering Forum  
The performance of support vector machine (SVM) depends on the selection of model parameters, however, the selection of SVM model parameters more depends on the empirical value. According to the above deficiency, this paper proposed a parameters optimization method of support vector machine based on immune memory clone strategy (IMC). This method can solve the multi-peak model parameters selection problem better which is introduced by n-folded cross-verification. Tests on standard datasets show
more » ... that this method has higher precision and faster optimization speed compared with other four methods. Then the proposed method was applied to bus passenger flow counting. The experimental results show that the method reposed in this paper obtains higher classification accuracy.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:ptg3vui3qzhcxf5uekfz5fhdje