Entanglement evolution of three-qubit mixed states in multipartite cavity—reservoir systems

Jing-Zhou Xu, Jin-Bao Guo, Wei Wen, Yan-Kui Bai, Feng-Li Yan
2012 Chinese Physics B  
We analyze the multipartite entanglement evolution of three-qubit mixed states composed of a GHZ state and a W state. For a composite system consisting of three cavities interacting with independent reservoirs, it is shown that the entanglement evolution is restricted by a set of monogamy relations. Furthermore, as quantified by the negativity, the entanglement dynamical property of the mixed entangled state of cavity photons is investigated. It is found that the three cavity photons can
more » ... the phenomenon of entanglement sudden death (ESD). However, compared with the evolution of a generalized three-qubit GHZ state which has the equal initial entanglement, the ESD time of mixed states is later than that of the pure state. Finally, we discuss the entanglement distribution in the multipartite system, and point out the intrinsic relation between the ESD of cavity photons and the entanglement sudden birth of reservoirs.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/21/8/080305 fatcat:rieqwffefrb6pc7ndjcdbrzdoi