SAT0180 Do rehabilitation facilities diagnose and treat osteoporosis in hip fracture patients better than acute care hospitals?

AG Juby, CM De Geus-Wenceslau
2001 Speaker abstracts 2001   unpublished
fracture, Geriatric Depression Score and treatment assignment. Women with only a new VDef but no CVFx had intermediate levels of prefracture back pain and disability. Women suffering a CVFx reported a mean of 6 days of severe back pain and 6 days of back disability for the 3 month period before the fracture, and 18 and 32 days (both P < .05 by Wilcoxen test), respectively, for the 3 month period after the fracture. By 5-7 months postfacture mean days of severe back pain were no longer elevated
more » ... 10; P = . 44), but mean days of disability were still increased (24; P < . 05) at 9-11 months post fracture.
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2001.667 fatcat:jgcy4vxcnvgljbnisctzxpr4zq