An Open Comparative Randomized Clinical Study of Plant Based Drugs Embelia Robusta Roxb and Mallotus Philippinensis Muell on Intestinal Parasites

Shishira Bharadwaj
2013 Journal of Gastrointestinal & Digestive System  
Intestinal parasites are common cause of morbidity. Aim: To compare the efficacy and safety of two plant based drugs Embelia robusta Roxb and Mallotus philippinensis Muell on intestinal parasites. Methods: Forty Patients exhibiting symptoms of parasitic infection were diagnosed and confirmed by stool test. They were then randomized to either Embelia in a dose of 5 g or Mallotus in dose of 1 g with honey and jaggery as adjuvant respectively. Drugs were administered for a period of one week and
more » ... llow-up was carried in 15 days and thereafter a month to observe symptomatic relief and presence or absence of ova/cyst in stool sample examination. Results: Symptomatic relief was found in Mallotus while some symptoms still persisted with Embelia. Embelia robusta had 40% cure rate while Mallotus had 70% cure rate, but both the drugs did not result in any adverse effects. Conclusions: It was observed that Mallotus philippinensis had better efficacy.
doi:10.4172/2161-069x.1000122 fatcat:qbxmz76nizeyvewnvdz3tqd2vu