Facial Expression and Peripheral Physiology Fusion to Decode Individualized Affective Experience [article]

Yu Yin, Mohsen Nabian, Miolin Fan, ChunAn Chou, Maria Gendron, Sarah Ostadabbas
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we present a multimodal approach to simultaneously analyze facial movements and several peripheral physiological signals to decode individualized affective experiences under positive and negative emotional contexts, while considering their personalized resting dynamics. We propose a person-specific recurrence network to quantify the dynamics present in the person's facial movements and physiological data. Facial movement is represented using a robust head vs. 3D face landmark
more » ... lization and tracking approach, and physiological data are processed by extracting known attributes related to the underlying affective experience. The dynamical coupling between different input modalities is then assessed through the extraction of several complex recurrent network metrics. Inference models are then trained using these metrics as features to predict individual's affective experience in a given context, after their resting dynamics are excluded from their response. We validated our approach using a multimodal dataset consists of (i) facial videos and (ii) several peripheral physiological signals, synchronously recorded from 12 participants while watching 4 emotion-eliciting video-based stimuli. The affective experience prediction results signified that our multimodal fusion method improves the prediction accuracy up to 19% when compared to the prediction using only one or a subset of the input modalities. Furthermore, we gained prediction improvement for affective experience by considering the effect of individualized resting dynamics.
arXiv:1811.07392v1 fatcat:xq2bvudmdfferjcakmt62oshri