Case Report of a Patient with Characteristic Motor Symptom Localized in the Fingers after Resection of a Brain Tumor in the Superior and Middle Frontal Gyri, Cingulate Gyrus and Corpus Callosum and Cerebral Infarction of the Supplementary Motor Area
上前頭回, 中前頭回, 帯状回, 脳梁を含む領域の脳腫瘍摘出術と補足運動野の梗塞により手指に限局する特徴的な運動症状を認めた 1 例

Riho Nakajima, Mitsutoshi Nakada, Hirokazu Okita, Tetsutaro Yahata, Yutaka Hayashi
2015 Higher Brain Function Research  
doi:10.2496/hbfr.35.363 fatcat:lnryl327m5cjnjbwnjeuoyc7pi