Multiclass Classification in the Problem of Differential Diagnosis of Venous Diseases Based on Microwave Radiometry Data

Vladislav Viktorovich Levshinskii
2021 Program systems theory and applications  
This article is devoted to applying mathematical models in the differential diagnosis of venous diseases based on microwave radiometry data. A modified approach for transforming feature space in thermometric data is described. After constructing features, a multiclass classification problem is solved in several ways: by reducing to binary classification problems using "one versus rest" and "one versus one" methods and building a multivariate logistic regression model. The best classification
more » ... t classification model achieved an average balanced accuracy score of 0.574. A key feature of the approach is that classification result can be explained and justified in terms understandable to a diagnostician. This article presents the most significant patterns in thermometric data and the accuracy with which they can identify different classes of diseases.
doi:10.25209/2079-3316-2021-12-2-37-52 fatcat:trjxe6aphrepdc4rdomjnwjjxe