Photostatic copies from the New York commercial advertiser of letters by George Catlin describing the manners, customs, and conditions of the North American Indians [book]

George Catlin
1900 unpublished
As far as my travels have yet led in • into the Indian oountry, I have more than realized my former predictions, *' that those Indians who could be found mosi entirely in a state oi nature, without the len»t knowledge of civilized society, would be found to be the most cleanly in their persons-elegant ia their dress and manners, and enjoying life to the greatest perfection." Every one of these red sons of the Forest, far rather the Pruirie) is a Knight, and a Lord ; his sqaawsar* bis slaves ,
more » ... e on) \ things which he deems worthy of bis exertions, is to mount his snorting steed with his how and quiver slung, bis arrow-shield upon his arm, aad his long lance glistening in the war paradeor, divested of all his plumes and trappings, armed with his simple bow and quiver, to plunge his steed amongst the flying herds of buffalos, and with his sinewy bow, which he never bends in vain, to divedeep to life's fountain the whizzing arrow. The Buffalo herds which always graze upon these beautiful prairies in countless numbers, afford them obund.mco of meat, and so much is il preferred to all other, that the Deer, the Elk, and the Antelope sport upon the prairies in herds in the tuiJIv amuse you te look over. The whole face of the country, irom St. Louis to the fall* of the Missouri, (600 greatest security, as the. Indians never kill them unless they miles above tho mouth of Yellow Stone) is one continued wont tbeir skin for a dress. prairie, c.*ccpi the bottoms formed along the river, and the Whenever Mr. MeKenzie's tee house is nearly empty of streams which empty into it, which are covered with the Beef, bo starts with three or foor men on horseback, with post luxuriant growth pf forest timter. The surface leve' two or three carts following at a distance, and oftentimes Of the prairie is from 200 to 300 feet above the level of the within view of the fort, if not, within a mile or two they river, forming a valley the whole way for the river, varying will ride amongst a band of litem, and in a few minutes kill in width from two to twenty miles. The river is alternate-ten or twelve of them, selecting the fattest of the herd. ly running from one bluff to another, wbich present them-These scene* are exceedingly spirited and beautiful, furnishselves to its shores in all the most pictunsque aad beautiful tog decidedly tbo finest subjects for the pencil of any sportshapes, and colors imaginable. Some with their green side* lng scenes in the world Tho horses in this country are all graocfully slope down, in the most beautiful groups, to the trained to it, and know exactly how to approaeh the animal water's edge ; w hilst others, divested of their verdnre, pre-without being guided by tho bit.
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