Dynamic Collective Theory of Odd-ANuclei

Michael Danos, Walter Greiner, C. Byron Kohr
1965 Physical Review  
The unified model and the collective giant-dipole-resonance model are unified. The resulting energy spectrum and the transition probabilities are derived. A new approximate selection mle involving the symmetry of the y vibrations is established. It is verified that the main observable features in the photonabsorption Cross section are not influenced by the odd particle, despite the considerably richer spectrum of states as compared to even-even nuclei. T H E KAMILTONIAN * Research sup orted in
more » ... earch sup orted in part by the German Bundesministerium fur ~issenschaftiche Forschung and the U. S. O&ce of Naval total Hamiltonian of an odd nucleus consists 0f Research. the collective Hamiltonian of the core, the singlet Permanent address: University of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, particle ~~~i l~~~i~~ of the odd particle arid an inter-Germany. ' M . Danos and W. Greiner, Phys. Rev. 134, B285 (1964). action term between the two. The collective Hamil-M. Danos and W. Greiner, Phys. Letters 8, 113 (1964). tonian of the core consists of terms describing rotations E. G. Fuller and E. Hayward, in iVuclear Reactions, edited by P. M. Endt arid F. B. Smith (~~~t h -~~l l~~d publishing com-HrOt,vibrations Hvib, dipole oscillations Hdip, and various pany, Amsterdam, 1962), Val. 11. interaction terms between these.
doi:10.1103/physrev.138.b1055 fatcat:omeiprwd6vckvj2zprykxaucgu