Optimized Power Allocation for Pairwise Cooperative Multiple Access

W. Mesbah, T.N. Davidson
2008 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing  
Multiple access schemes in which the transmitting nodes are allowed to cooperate have the potential to provide higher quality of service than conventional schemes. In the class of pair-wise cooperative multiple access schemes in which channel state information is available at the transmitters, the allocation of transmission power plays a key role in the realization of these quality of service gains. Unfortunately, the natural formulation of the power allocation problem for full-duplex
more » ... e schemes is not convex. It is shown herein that this non-convex formulation can be simplified and recast in a convex form. In fact, closed-form expressions for the optimal power allocation for each point on the boundary of an achievable rate region are obtained. In practice, a half-duplex cooperative scheme, in which the channel resource is partitioned in such a way that interference is avoided, may be preferred over a full-duplex scheme. The channel resource is often partitioned equally, but we develop an efficient algorithm for the joint allocation of power and the channel resource for a modified version of an existing half-duplex cooperative scheme. We demonstrate that this algorithm enables the resulting scheme to attain a significantly larger fraction of the achievable rate region for the full duplex case than the underlying scheme that employs a fixed resource allocation.
doi:10.1109/tsp.2008.917390 fatcat:5mmxobzowfgvfjud6tkwzc2ghe