A first phylogenetic assessment of Dictyonema s.lat. in southeastern North America reveals three new basidiolichens, described in honor of James D. Lawrey

Manuela Dal Forno, Laurel Kaminsky, Roger Rosentreter, R. Troy McMullin, André Aptroot, Robert Lücking
2019 Plant and Fungal Systematics  
Three species of lichenized basidiomycetes in the Dictyonema clade from southeastern North America are described as new to science: Cyphellostereum georgianum, C. jamesianum and Dictyonema lawreyi, all with a crustose-filamentous growth form. Based on ITS sequences, the species form well-supported monophyletic clades in a phylogeny and are represented by at least two specimens each. They are also distinguishable by morphological and anatomical characters. These new findings emphasize the
more » ... mphasize the importance of lichenological studies in North America, especially in historically understudied taxonomic groups, such as basidiolichens. This study is dedicated to James D. Lawrey on the occasion of his 70th birthday.
doi:10.2478/pfs-2019-0025 fatcat:5s5men4k4zebhhqje32jfj6c74