Electromagnetic Casimir energy of a disk opposite a plane

Thorsten Emig, Noah Graham
2016 Physical Review A  
Building on work of Meixner [J. Meixner, Z. Naturforschung 3a, 506 (1948)], we show how to compute the exact scattering amplitude (or $T$-matrix) for electromagnetic scattering from a perfectly conducting disk. This calculation is a rare example of a non-diagonal $T$-matrix that can nonetheless be obtained in a semi-analytic form. We then use this result to compute the electromagnetic Casimir interaction energy for a disk opposite a plane, for arbitrary orientation angle of the disk, for
more » ... he disk, for separations greater than the disk radius. We find that the proximity force approximation (PFA) significantly overestimates the Casimir energy, both in the case of the ordinary PFA, which applies when the disk is parallel to the plane, and the "edge PFA," which applies when the disk is perpendicular to the plane.
doi:10.1103/physreva.94.032509 fatcat:qght7bom75gjjawrbypsix4vze