Contemporary Human Rights and Offensive Jihad in Contemporary Islam

Mohammad javad javid, Ali mohammad dost
2012 Islamic Law Research  
Offensive Jihad as one of the branches of the holy religion of Islam is so significant that one particular chapter is devoted to this issue in jurisprudential sources. Offensive Jihad is a two-fold regulation raising questions in two ways. On the one hand, the question is whether offensive Jihad by the Islamic government at the time of occultation is permitted according to the Shiite thought. This question can be dealt with in the field of public law. On the other hand, from the perspective of
more » ... uman rights, the object of offensive Jihad –calling non Muslims to Islam, according to a large number of jurisprudents- is controversial, since it is in conflict with freedom of thought and belief of human being and is considered an imposition according to many intellectual thinkers. The main hypothesis of the article is that offensive Jihad in contemporary times is allowed based on human rights requirements and religious proofs. Studying the goal and wisdom behind offensive Jihad in Islam, this article discusses the legitimacy of offensive Jihad under the rule of the fully qualified jurisprudent.
doi:10.30497/law.2012.1063 doaj:5fbacacd706c417ebaf70fa83241899c fatcat:k27uteuakbd3xk46gdyxmebjf4