Cost of Manufacturing

1848 Scientific American  
dentific �mttican. 865 lar turning, we have been frequently reques. ! r'or tbe Scientific America,., r.ent added to the \lrice <If cotton add� one ted, both verbally and by letter, to publish I C08t at' 1!lannt'actlll rlllg. ,�uart€l' of a cent to the co,t of the goods. some information in which confidence could [ ' ClLlNTON, JONES COUNTY, G,:oi GIl<, It !nay nnt be out "/ place to remark here, bp. placed respecting tbose ;ntents granted for J:lly 10, JS4,� that the cotto n used (e,r !nakin!,;
more » ... he above planing machines prev ious to Muir's in En· William .7I-Jolltgo'lll ery, Esq doth m"} now he pur':ha.�.?d "t 51! cent; pel' gland, and Woodworth'd in the U nitedSta'es, DE.'R SIR :-I read a communication of li b This would reduce tbe cost to ;:;.7U cents a3 by fair inference, it may be said, that aJ. yours to the Scient ific American, giving the � )er ) an!. Yettheyonly bJ·in.�;;, Gnd (j cents though these two are very similar, yet beillg costof Cott(l!} Machiner y for a factory of 1000 i m the m;u'f:e( ;,t present; l;c!!ce many �stab· _ .. . _ . . _ ... _ . ________ ___ ._ ..... __ ... i nv ent e d a� such a distance from each other , spindles, uec e ssary loom s, &c. The co mmu-lish:!J�ntg are going behind, while the very NEW YORK, AUGUST 5, 18·18. D�ntl1nnl'iI Planhlg .DJo.chllle8. and at nearly the same time, the one would nity are under obligation to you for thi� in· beRt [r.erel.y clear th�mselves. Unless cotton not in strict jnstice invalidate the oth�r in reo fo�mation. But still, a new beginner is Jet can be had for 3! cents, this stale of things gal'll to priorit.\·. Many will be pleased to: in the dark somewhat as to the pl'ofits of tbe cann"t much longer continue. The future A ft e r the proces s o f s aw 109 t h ere i s n o read old Bentham's plan of planing, ani next bU8iness, unless he knows about the quant ity prospect;; for Ihe cotton manufactures at this
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