Real-time expert system applied to mold bath level control of continuous caster

Yukihiro Sasabe, Sadao Kubota, Asayoshi Koyama, Hirotaka Miki
1990 ISIJ International  
) Wakayama Steel Fluctuation of the mold bath level of continuous caster greatly influences the surface quality of cast slabs or bil[ets. It is difticult to maintain an optimal bath level by a PID controller and a slide gate vibration controller with fixed parameters, because the characteristics of casting condition fluctuate during operation. To solve this problem, an expert~y stem method has been applied to the mold bath leve[ control system. In this expert system operator know-howregarding
more » ... ntrol parameter adjustment is represented in the form of a knowledge base, and that knowledge base is driven by inference engine when a significant fluctuation of the mold bath level occurs. This system has been applied to a continuous round caster, and has effectively regulated the mold bath level fluctuation by adjusting the controlling parameters to optimize the state of operation when the fluctuation occurred.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.30.136 fatcat:ic3nsgv2oncqzck4lj7zru3fau