Effects of CCK and gastrin on pancreatic secretion in vivo in the calf

G. Le Drean, I. Le Huerou-Luron, M. Gestin, D. Fourmy, P. Guilloteau
1997 Reproduction nutrition development (Print)  
fish oil intake are not well known and have been studied in two trials on lactating Holstein cows receiving diets made of maize silage and concentrates (65 and 35% on dry matter basis, respectively). ). In trial 1 (six cows, 3 x 3 Latin square), a control diet (C 1 ) was compared to diets supplemented with 200 (FO1 ) or 400 (F02) mL/day fish oil of Menhaden type, given per os. Organic matter digestibility (OMD) was higher (P < 0.01) for diet F02 (73.5%) than for diet C1 (69.2%), diet FO1 being
more » ... ntermediate (72.2%). Neutral detergent fibre digestibility (NDFD) was higher (P < 0.05) for diet F02 (47.3%) than for diet C1 l (42.7%), diet FOI being intermediate (46.2%). In trial 2 (six cows fitted with ruminal and duodenal cannulas, 3 x 3 Latin square), a control diet (C2) was compared to diets supplemented with 300 mL/day fish oil continuously infused in the rumen (FOR) or in the duodenum (FOD). Fish oil ruminal supply increased (P < 0.05) OMD and NDFD (OMD: 72.6, 75.5 and 74.2% for treatments C2, FOR and FOD; NDFD: 59.4, 64.5 and 60.2 for treatments C2, FOR and FOD). Ruminal fish oil infusion increased (P < 0.01) the proportion of propionate (C2, 18.8%; FOR, 23.9%) at the expense of acetate (C2, 65.0%; FOR, 60.0%) in ruminal volatile fatty acids. With treatment FOR, in which fatty acids (FA) from fish oil represented more than 60% of FA supply, FA reaching the duodenum comprised 0.33% of C20:5n-3 and 0.51 % of C22:6n-3, whereas fish oil contained 21.7 and 7.3% of these acids; however the saturation pro-cess was uncomplete (0.45% of C20:0 and 0.60% of C22:0) and many intermediate compounds were found. Moreover a high proportion (36.0%) of octadecenoic FA, of trans configuration for a major part, was found, suggesting a change in the hydrogenation process of dietary 18-carbon polyunsaturated FA. These trials showed an unexpected positive effect of fish oil on diet digestibility and an extensive hydrogenation of 20and 22-carbon FA.
doi:10.1051/rnd:19970347 fatcat:7ovi2e6lxbco3nrvsvhyf2cota