Prevalência dos sintomas de LER/DORT, perda de força muscular manual e seu impacto na qualidade de vida de cirurgiões dentistas no município de Bauru/SP [thesis]

Thaisa Rino de Freitas Coelho
Work plays an increasingly central role in people's lives, so it is expected that modern models of management technologies will also focus on quality of life at work (QWL) and factors that incorporate the satisfaction of the individual in his work activity And the humanization of situations related to human work. Some scholars point out the possibility of continuous stress in the work environment causing damages to the physical and psychological integrity and to the social and familiar life of
more » ... he professionals. Thus, as the work evolves and becomes more dependent on the technique, there is a greater physical, mental and mental exhaustion in the workers, this happens in function of the exigencies imposed by occupations of occupational and increases in a frightening way the number of accidents and occupational diseases. In this way, the practice of dentistry predisposes its professionals to develop, especially diseases of the musculoskeletal system, leading to incapacitation for work if principles of ergonomics applied to the service are not adopted. In general, in the professional environment there are a number of stimuli that may contribute significantly to the appearance of a set of symptoms that are classically associated with occupational or occupational stress. The objective of the present study was to investigate the possible symptoms that affect the dental surgeons of the public network and the private network of the city of Bauru / SP and its relation with the work activity, through the Nordic Questionnaire of Osteomuscular Symptoms (QNSO), evaluating Also the presence of manual muscle loss using a dynamometer and thus investigate the impact that these possible risk factors cause in the quality of life of these dental surgeons using the QWLQ-Bref questionnaire (Quality of Working Life Questionnaire). Of the total of 1,066 dentists regularly enrolled in the Regional Council of Dentistry of Bauru (CROSP), only 128 (100.00%) participated in this research, where 64 dental surgeons belong to the public network and 64 dental surgeons belong to the private network. Considering the relevance of the topic "Symptoms of RSI / DORT", as well as the results also show that when comparing the public network with the private network it was possible to perceive that in the private network it is greater is the frequency of the complaints reports of Pain, discomfort or numbness.
doi:10.11606/t.25.2018.tde-23042018-191328 fatcat:bcoppgdt5nbpfiy6oiyhtvxhle