High sensitive and rapid responsive n-type Si: Au sensor for monitoring breath rate

Xuelan Hu, Jiachang Liang, Xing Li, Yue Chen, Chao Zou, Sheng Liu, Xin Chen
2010 Natural Science  
125 µm-breath sensor with high sensitivity and rapid response was prepared by using n-type Si: Au material. Its sensitivity coefficient and time constant were 4 V.sec / L and 38 msec, respectively. Its working principle was based on anomalous resistance effect, which not only increased the sensitivity, but also reduced its time constant greatly. Its signal processing system can select the breath signals and work stably. Therefore, the small changes of breath system can be measured and,
more » ... y, patient's breath rate can be monitored at a distance.
doi:10.4236/ns.2010.210130 fatcat:m23d3w2mlngixa5vpeia4vtohy