Two New Dwarfgobies From The Ryukyu Islands, Japan: Eviota Shibukawai And Eviota Filamentosa (Teleostei: Gobiidae)

Toshiyuki Suzuki, David W. Greenfield
2014 Zenodo  
Two new species of dwarfgoby are described from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Eviota shibukawai n. sp. is characterized by cephalic sensory-pore system Pattern 2 (lacking only the G (IT) pore); a dorsal/anal fin-ray formula of 9/8 or 8/8; branched pectoral-fin rays; a dark, roundish spot on the caudal peduncle centered on the preural centrum region; six dark, narrow, internal postanal bars; and the body is heavily peppered with dark chromatophores. It lacks distinct dark spots on the pectoral-fin
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doi:10.5281/zenodo.1044528 fatcat:5zryal74ovabxpxb7ypv5ineum