Beta(p,q)-Cantor sets: Determinism and randomness

J. Leonel Rocha, Sandra M. Aleixo, Dinis D. Pestana
2011 Chaos Theory  
Usually randomness appears as a sophisticated extension of deterministic models, that are then presented as expectation of some class of random models (this approach is exceedingly well managed in the classical Barucha-Reid's treatise on random functions and stochastic processes). The works [1], [2], [3] and [5] summarize previous studies by the authors, using stochastic definitions of extensions of Cantor's fractal to put forward appropriate deterministic models, that in a precise sense are
more » ... recise sense are the expectation of a structured class of models, and investigated bifurcations, Allee' effect, and the Hausdorff dimension.
doi:10.1142/9789814350341_0039 fatcat:7wxcdsv2vfhw3iflksksiko5hm