Prognostic value of blood gas lactate levels among COVID-19 patients who visited to emergency department

2021 Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine  
Our aim in this study, to determine the relationship between the mortality status and the İntensive Care Unit (ICU) requirement of COVID-19 patients, with their blood gas lactate levels at the time of admission to the Emergency Medicine (ED). Material and method: This study was planned as retrospectively, all COVID-19 patients over the age of 18 who were admitted to the ED, had oropharyngeal /nasopharyngeal swabs and hospitalized between April 1, 2020 and June 31, 2020 were included. The
more » ... outcome was in-hospital mortality. The secondary outcome is to determine the relationship between lactate levels and the ICU requirement Results: The study was completed with 265 patients after the inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied. The median (IQR) age of the patients was 43.0 (31.0-59.0), and 132 (49.8%) were female. The comorbid diseases are; hypertension (HT), cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus (DM) were in the first three places with 23.0%, 17.0%, 9.1%, respectively. The cut-off value of lactate to determined for ICU admissions was 2.92, and 4.25 for mortality. The AUC for ICU requirement was 0.718±0.038 (95% CI, 0.644 -0.792), and AUC for mortality was 0.752±0.058 (95% CI, 0.637 -0.867), (p <0.001 for both). Conclusion: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a serious mortality and morbidity problem worldwide. Our study found that hyperlactatemic COVID-19 patients had higher ICU requirement and mortality rates.
doi:10.32322/jhsm.934484 fatcat:s6pnpitpczcc7gw3qb7ixxbw5u