Historical-Data-Based Energy Management in a Microgrid With a Hybrid Energy Storage System

Ke Jia, Yiru Chen, Tianshu Bi, Yaoqi Lin, David Thomas, Mark Sumner
2017 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics  
2017) Historical data based energy management in a microgrid with a hybrid energy storage system. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 13 (5). Abstract 1 -In a micro-grid, due to potential reverse output profiles of the Renewable Energy Source (RES) and the load, energy storage devices are employed to achieve high selfconsumption of RES and to minimize power surplus flowing back into the main grid. This paper proposes a variable charging/discharging threshold method to manage energy
more » ... o manage energy storage system. And an Adaptive Intelligence Technique (AIT) is put forward to raise the power management efficiency. A battery-ultra-capacitor hybrid energy storage system (HESS) with merits of high energy and power density is used to evaluate the proposed method with onsite measured RES output data. Compared with the PSO algorithm based on the precise predicted data of the load and the RES, the results show that the proposed method can achieve better load smoothing and maximum self-consumption of the RES without the requirement of precise load and RES forecasting. Index Terms-adaptive intelligent technique (AIT), energy management, hybrid energy storage system (HESS), variable threshold NOMENCLATURE The National program on key basic research project (
doi:10.1109/tii.2017.2700463 fatcat:wc6nchx4xbfbdgsh57xfurng5a