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Anna László
2020 unpublished
This master thesis looks into queer-feminist perspectives for degrowth theories. As some authors, such as Christine Bauhardt, suggest a certain blind spot regarding gender as well as queer-feminism exists, this thesis aims to start filling this blind spot. Selected degrowth theories by various authors (Matthias Schmelzer & Alexis Passadakis, Barbara Muraca, Niko Paech and Giorgos Kallis) and queer-feminist theories form the theoretical basis for this thesis. Using an intersectional,
more » ... st lens and aforementioned queer-feminist theories, I am analysing those degrowth theories. This analysis concludes by showing potential starting points for the development of queer-feminist degrowth: spaces for experimentation as a basis, the rethinking of work, space and time, care-work and commons, as well as an intersectional and decolonial approach.
doi:10.25365/thesis.64307 fatcat:2b2fjtsmfbcmhdprkbcveueqbq