Delaware Weekly Advertiser and Farmer's Journal, Volume I, Number 48

Delaware Weekly Advertiser And Farmer's Journal
No. 81 j 'jagrhft-StrMtt^ln twgton, Del, THEMARRIA< JE]8(5ENE. And evtft worshrplthee! And then I swore' By Venus, and" the starry train above-i lly ' the bright eyes, which did outrival them-By all lovfrV fond: remembrance*} that t -.'-.' Would guard and cherish thee,: ^rouldst -. b*. ' -. " ...•.. "V:"-'/;!!•'""*'.." My own, my own lanthe! And then-then-Heed not my passionate dreaming-I did seal Uy row upoitthy lips; and then I watched •' To see them open, and hear Iby voice Steal forth in gentle murmuring, like (he tone •T
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