Perfect Transmission through Disordered Media

C. G. King, S. A. R. Horsley, T. G. Philbin
2017 Physical Review Letters  
The transmission of a wave through a randomly chosen 'pile of plates' typically decreases exponentially with the number of plates, a phenomenon closely related to Anderson localisation. In apparent contradiction we construct disordered planar permittivity profiles which are complex-valued (i.e. have reactive and dissipative properties) that appear to vary randomly with position, yet are one-way reflectionless for all angles of incidence and exhibit a transmission coefficient of unity. We
more » ... of unity. We contrast these complex-valued 'random' planar permittivity profiles with a family of real-valued, two-way reflectionless and perfectly transmitting disordered permittivity profiles that function only for a single angle of incidence and frequency.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.118.163201 pmid:28474922 fatcat:mmbfp2pwiren5artglk4ldi664