Media Students' Capability to Interact with Augmented Reality and 3D Animations in Virtual Broadcast News Studios

Tariq Alrimawi, Wasan Haddad
2020 International Journal of Computer Graphics & Animation  
The latest technological developments continually affect all fields, including through the implementation of augmented reality (AR) in media broadcasting. The use of AR can improve the public image of broadcasting and allow international, national, and regional information and stories to be presented impressively and effectively. Furthermore, AR will allow presenters to interact with television stories through a three-dimensional (3D) virtual environment as well as provide the viewer with rich
more » ... nformation about the world. However, undergraduate media departments at most universities in Jordan are still teaching news presentation in basic newsrooms. Therefore, this paper presents an experimental collaboration between the Television Department and Animation & Multimedia Department at the University of Petra; an AR virtual studio and 3D computer graphics animation were used to teach performance skills to students who aim to become television news anchors after graduation. This experimental research provides students with a new approach and tool for storytelling, including techniques to deal with technological evolution in the media field. This paper evaluates the impact of employing virtual worlds in newscasts as an effective method of education delivery for Jordanian students, and also offers suggestions for improving the curricula of radio and television departments. Such improvements will enable media students who are interested in working as presenters or news broadcasters to gain skills and experience in interacting with 3D animated elements. The results of this research revealed that media students and graduates would be more successful in the media industry if they mastered the skills of communication, presentation, and acting performance to interact with virtual environments and virtual 3D animated objects. These skills could lead to improved employment opportunities after graduation. Accordingly, this study aimed to present solutions and motivate universities in Jordan to apply the AR virtual studio as a powerful tool for presenting stories.
doi:10.5121/ijcga.2020.10301 fatcat:xwew4nbw5nf67cmps2t2eddmlu