Exciton Dephasing in Quantum Dots due to LO-Phonon Coupling: An Exactly Solvable Model

E. A. Muljarov, R. Zimmermann
2007 Physical Review Letters  
It is widely believed that, due to its discrete nature, excitonic states in a quantum dot coupled to dispersionless LO phonons form everlasting mixed states (exciton polarons) showing no line broadening in the spectrum. This is indeed true if the model is restricted to a limited number of excitonic states in a quantum dot. We show, however, that extending the model to a large number of states results in LO phonon-induced spectral broadening and complete decoherence of the optical response.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.98.187401 pmid:17501607 fatcat:q43z3vxzc5ai3ndxvvq3xn2ux4