A Survey of Artificial Intelligence Challenges: Analyzing the Definitions, Relationships, and Evolutions

Ali Mohammad Saghiri, S. Mehdi Vahidipour, Mohammad Reza Jabbarpour, Mehdi Sookhak, Agostino Forestiero
2022 Applied Sciences  
In recent years, artificial intelligence has had a tremendous impact on every field, and several definitions of its different types have been provided. In the literature, most articles focus on the extraordinary capabilities of artificial intelligence. Recently, some challenges such as security, safety, fairness, robustness, and energy consumption have been reported during the development of intelligent systems. As the usage of intelligent systems increases, the number of new challenges
more » ... s. Obviously, during the evolution of artificial narrow intelligence to artificial super intelligence, the viewpoint on the challenges such as security will be changed. In addition, the recent development of human-level intelligence cannot appropriately happen without considering whole challenges in designing intelligent systems. Considering the mentioned situation, no study in the literature summarizes the challenges in designing artificial intelligence. In this paper, a review of the challenges is presented. Then, some important research questions about the future dynamism of challenges and their relationships are answered.
doi:10.3390/app12084054 fatcat:mqmhxiesrrcf3nrdoq653afafq