A Hardy–Littlewood theorem for Bergman spaces

Guanlong Bao, Hasi Wulan, Kehe Zhu
2018 Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae: Mathematica  
We study positive weight functions ω(z) on the unit disk D such that where f is analytic on D and dA is area measure on D. We obtain some conditions on ω that imply the equivalence above, and we apply our conditions to several important classes of weights that have appeared in the literature before. for f ∈ H(D). See [6, 14] . It is then natural to ask for conditions on finite positive Borel measures µ on D such that ( z) https://doi.org/10.5186/aasfm.2018.4345 2010 Mathematics Subject
more » ... cs Subject Classification: Primary 30H20.
doi:10.5186/aasfm.2018.4345 fatcat:efm3phw7mbdrjgwzjovkq6mv6q