Letters, Notes, and Answers

1910 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Prov7isional Ordinances. ORDINANCES and regulations for the degrees of the university having been approved in substance by the Council have been issued provisioually pending the approval of the General Court. In the Faculty of Arts they provide for three degrees, B.A. (pass and hononrs), M.A., and D.Litt., and also a diploma in education. The B.A. curriculum provides an alternative course for theological students. In the Faculty of Science there are three degrees, B.Sc., M.Sc., and D.Sc.; also
more » ... B.Sc. for research. There is a Faculty of Engineering, the degrees granted being the same in title as those in the Faculty of Science. Arrangements are also made for the granting of certificates in various departments of the eame subject. In the Faculty of Medicine there are the four ordinary degrees, M.B. and Ch.B., M.D. and Ch.M.; also two degrees in dental surgery (B.D.S. and M.D.S.), and diplomas in public health and veterinary State medicine. For the M.B., Ch.B. there are three examinations, the curriculum extending to five and a half years. The first examination is the same as the intermediate examination in the Faculty of Science; the second deals with organic chemistry, anatomy, and physiology; the third with the ordinary subjects of final examinations, including materia inedica and pharmacology. A candidate for the final M.B., Cb.B , must have acted as a gynaecological clerk for at least three months, and have attended either at least 25 cases of labour in the wards of a lying-in hospital, or not less than 30 such cases in the extern department of some approved hospital. Re must also have attended a course of lectures on anaesthetics, and have administered anaesthetics in not less than 30 cases.
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