Adsorptive Removal of Cobalt (II) and Chromium (III) from Aqueous Solution onto Citrus Limon Leaves Powder

2021 Letters in Applied NanoBioScience  
The growth of heavy metals in wastewater is a widespread concern that affects thousands of lives and spread diseases worldwide. Its extraction is subject of concert from last few decades. Looking forward in the current study, Citrus Limon leaves were used as an adsorbent for the Biosorption of Co(II) and Cr(III) in a batch system. Citrus Limon leaves were brought from the local garden of Amakhel, Tank, Pakistan. The removal process of Co(II) and Cr(III) was examined under different conditions
more » ... pH, contact time, and initial concentration to get the optimum condition. It was found optimum contact time for Co(II) and Cr(II) was 20 and 10 minutes. By the increase of concentration of adsorbate, the value of qe was investigated for Co(II) and Cr(III) at 20oC. The optimum initial concentration for Cr(III) and Co(II) was 60 ppm and 40 ppm, respectively. The optimum shaking power for Cr(III) and Co(II) was found to be 150 rpm and 120 rpm, respectively.
doi:10.33263/lianbs103.24462458 fatcat:onlfdqyworcrtibh23fgikqoie