Glycolysis Fermentative By-Products and Secondary Metabolites Involved in Plant Adaptation under Hypoxia during Pre- and Postharvest [chapter]

Chalermchai Wongs-Aree, Sompoch Noichinda
2018 Hypoxia and Anoxia  
Floods inducing hypoxia (reduction of available O 2 ) in the plants are current major constrains for agricultural production. Oxygen deficiency in the plant cells induces the secondary response of anatomical and physiological modifications. Hypoxia triggers glycolysis fermentative pathway and other alternative pathways, when the plant lacks energy. During cultivation, some submerged plants can adapt themselves to survive by modifying some parenchyma cells in the roots to be aerenchyma cells to
more » ... etain available oxygen for oxidative phosphorylation. Furthermore, carbon sources in the cells will be accumulated in N store that recovers back to a C source at the end of hypoxia. In postharvest, long period in modified atmosphere storage could activate hypoxia in the plant parts that produce off-flavor perception. However, in some fruits at a particular maturity, ethanol, a hypoxic product, can be modified into ethyl ester compounds as the detoxification.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.80226 fatcat:qeezmybt2jelzhdbxweqvwxqkm