Constraints on theWRmass andCPviolation in left-right models

Gabriela Barenboim, José Bernabéu, Joaquim Prades, Martti Raidal
1997 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We update the constraints on the right-handed W_R gauge boson mass, mixing angle ζ with the left-handed W_L gauge boson, and other parameters in general left-right symmetric models with different mechanisms of CP violation. Constraints mostly independent of any assumption on the quark sector are obtained from a re-analysis of muon decay data. Estimates of the left-right hadronic matrix elements in the neutral kaon system and their uncertainties are revised using large N_c and Chiral
more » ... Theory arguments. With explicitly given assumptions on the long-distance (Δ S=1)^2 contributions to the K_L-K_S mass difference, lower bounds on M_W_R are obtained. With the same assumptions, one also gets strong upper bounds from the CP-violating parameter ϵ_K, for most of the parameter space of left-right models where the right-handed third family does not contribute in CP-violating quantities.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.55.4213 fatcat:leuqzczvanhbpmlvqiooue4xzm