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Liudmyla Pankova, Cherkasy State Technological University
2020 Actual Problems of Economics  
The article examines the process of smart specialization as a modern direction of economic development in the regions of Ukraine. The study of the possibilities and feasibility of applying the concept of smart-specialization in Ukraine. The article analyzes the correspondence of regional development strategies and programs of innovative development of Ukraine to the criteria of smart specialization. It is noted that from the standpoint of smart specialization, strategies and programs of
more » ... development are declarative rather than instrumental. It was determined that: there are no roadmaps in the strategies and no mechanisms for the implementation of priorities and support measures are provided. Innovative priorities are formulated without focusing on the key principles of smart specialization, namely, they are not focused on structural changes in the economy, market transformations, do not provide for a combination of traditional economic specialization and new areas of science and technology. Regions with high innovation potential, whose strategies meet the Guidelines' requirements by most of the criteria, are not ready to ensure the practical implementation of the ideas of smart specialization. The fragmented approach and lack of systemic vision were identified as the main reasons. It is noted that the quality of preparation of strategies is not yet a guarantee of effective implementation of the innovative potential of the regions. The implementation of the mental specialization approach requires the simultaneous use of all available tools in the regional management system. The stereotyped similarity of strengths and weaknesses in Strategizing of completely different regions indicates an assimilation to the style of strategic planning, or typical weaknesses in the development of territories. It has been proven that the implementation of the strategic goal of mental specialization of regions at the initial stage of its implementation requires the formation of a comprehensive vision based on the comparison of information about: priorities of both other regions and the state as a whole; global technological trends. It is noted that the verification and synchronization of priorities, the unification of the analytical database, the development of a single economic and research space, and a systematic approach will ensure the effective implementation of the principles of mental specialization in the development strategy of the regions.
doi:10.32752/1993-6788-2020-1-223-73-83 fatcat:sumkvt364rhhbh2mljvngva3ru