Changes of cuticular structures of Ischnodemus caspius (Heteroptera: Lygaeoidea: Blissidae) from the fifth instar to the adult

Huai-jun Xue, Wen-jun Bu
2007 Entomologica Fennica  
The fine cuticular structures of adult and 5th instar nymph of Ischnodemus caspius Jakovlev 1871 (Heteroptera: Lygaeoidea: Blissidae) are described, compared and illustrated using 32 SEM photos. The cuticular structures of I. caspius go through great changes during the metamorphosis from the 5th-instar nymph to the adult. The cuticular morphology of the nymph is much more complicated than that of the adult, especially the abdomen, but the long hairs on body of nymph are much more sparse and
more » ... more sparse and simple than those of the adult. This study will stimulate further investigations on the development and systematics of Blissidae.
doi:10.33338/ef.84402 fatcat:qjspejgg4bhnxhb5t6fa2mptsu