Explicit Non-Adaptive Combinatorial Group Testing Schemes [article]

Ely Porat, Amir Rothschild
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Group testing is a long studied problem in combinatorics: A small set of r ill people should be identified out of the whole (n people) by using only queries (tests) of the form "Does set X contain an ill human?". In this paper we provide an explicit construction of a testing scheme which is better (smaller) than any known explicit construction. This scheme has [r^2 n,n] tests which is as many as the best non-explicit schemes have. In our construction we use a fact that may have a value by its
more » ... n right: Linear error-correction codes with parameters [m,k,δ m]_q meeting the Gilbert-Varshamov bound may be constructed quite efficiently, in q^km time.
arXiv:0712.3876v5 fatcat:cmsavxtbdzfhnf6knlqu7w2cue