Proof of The Riemann Hypothesis Without Using The Zeta

Ohad Manor
2021 Zenodo  
The following paper is a prove that primes numbers are forming a non-abelian closed group of the form 2(N+1/2) with 1/2 as generator. The paper is divided to three parts. The first revolving mainly on deriving fermions and their anti-commution relation from Manifolds. The second part is using the anti-commution of fermions on the problem of primes. The third and final part revolves around using functors to reach the desired end result and finalize the proof. If the following proof to be
more » ... it is an elegant and beautiful result which will lead to important advancements in our understanding. The methodology contains functors, EL framework (Cal of variations), group theory and Quantum field theory. No Non Trivial zeros were calculated by hand, which makes the proof very elegant.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4757645 fatcat:yc7rtbnq25gyzjtdndhuxgrrpu