Maxi chloride channels in L6 myoblasts

O Hurnák, J Zachar
1992 General Physiology and Biophysics  
The existence of a large conductance voltage sensitive chloride channel is documented in undifferentiated cells (myoblasts) of the L6 rat muscle cell line. At this stage of development the resting membrane conductance is dominated by potassium ions only (Kidokoro 1975). The conductance of the channel in symmetrical 120 mmol/l choline chloride is 331 +/- 4 pS. The probability of the channel being in the open state decreases with the increasing imposed voltage. Due to rapid inactivation at high
more » ... ctivation at high membrane potential deviations (both negative and positive) from the equilibrium potential the channel can be resolved clearly by pulse technique protocols only. The incidence of the channel in successful patch trials was higher than usually reported. The channel was present after differentiation of the myoblasts into the myotubes. It showed at least one definite substate and pronounced flickerings between the substate and the main open state. The channel was observed in myoblast attached patches as well. It is supposed to belong to the category of maxi chloride channels, and to play probably a role in regulatory volume readjustment or in cell communication during myogenesis, respectively.
pmid:1330817 fatcat:timyrseepfh4niagvjfxo6xisu