Survey of Pseudo-haptics: Haptic Feedback Design and Application Proposals

Yusuke Ujitoko, Yuki Ban
2021 IEEE Transactions on Haptics  
In the last two decades, the design of pseudo-haptics as a haptic presentation method that does not require a mechanical feedback device has been proposed in various research papers. Moreover, applications using pseudo-haptics have been proposed and evaluated in various contexts. However, the findings from these studies have not yet been comprehensively organized in a survey paper in the recent times. In this paper, findings from a series of individual prior studies were summarized from the
more » ... gn through to the application proposals. First, we summarize visual stimuli designs based on the target haptic object properties to induce pseudo-haptics. Second, we summarize two special issues when designing pseudo-haptics; (1) workaround design for the visualized mismatch of visual stimuli and user input and (2) the combination design of pseudo-haptics and physical stimuli. Third, application proposals that use pseudo-haptics for training, assistance, and entertainment are presented. This survey paper would help not only researchers in academia but also application developers who intend to use pseudo-haptics as a haptic presentation method.
doi:10.1109/toh.2021.3077619 pmid:33950845 fatcat:qqxblwxr35d77ib6qec4s26ls4