Fulfillment of Rights of Victims of Rape in the Decision of the Court for State Number: 512 / Pid.Sus / 2017 / Pn.Bil

Tofik Sukendar, Nurini Aprilianda, Setiawan Noerdajasakti
2021 International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding  
The purpose of writing this article is the Fulfillment of the Rights of Children of Rape Victims in District Court Decision Number: 512 / Pid.Sus / 2017 / Pn.Bil. The study method uses a statutory approach (statue approach), a case approach (case approach), and a conceptual approach (Conceptual Approach). The rape crime is very worrying especially if the victim is a child who is still under age, because this will affect the psychological development of the child and cause lifelong trauma. Rape
more » ... elong trauma. Rape according to the legal construction of Indonesian law (KUHP) is an act of forcing a woman who is not his wife to have intercourse with him with violence or threats of violence. The state provides protection by regulating it in various laws, one of which is contained in Article 76D of the Child Protection Act. Based on the explanation above, the writer is interested in conducting a research related to the issue of "Fulfilling the Rights of Children of Rape Victims in the Decision of the District Court of Part Number: 512 / Pid.Sus / 2017 / Pn.Bil". Because in this case the writer is very sad about the verdict, what about the victim's witness whether the criminal sentence given to the defendant's children's rights has been fulfilled. Considering the crime of rape is often experienced by children, girls, adult women, including those who are mentally, physically and socially vulnerable who are sensitive to various threats from within and from outside their family. The threat of violence from outside his family, his house can often be driven out, because it can be seen by the surroundings.
doi:10.18415/ijmmu.v8i1.2305 fatcat:6lsodxvxpngs5k326n25vvyyc4